Grant Management 

Schmidt Grant Consulting can provide your organization with administrative services necessary to meet the reporting, and program implementation requirements of grantmaking organizations.  Please call 517-879-8119 to discuss your grant management needs.

Program Design and Development

Many nonprofits seek grant funds to expand existing programs or develop new programs. In either case, you will need to have a clearly designed and developed program that will catch a funder’s attention and meet their funding priorities.

Schmidt Grant Consulting works with your organization to develop your program’s idea, design, and deliverables that will have a measurable impact in your community--and appeal to a potential funder.

Many grants require some measure of project design, and this service is included in our overall cost for preparing your grant.

We also offer program design and development as a stand-alone service to help you build your program and your grant readiness. Our comprehensive design and development process includes:

  • Researching the need for the program.
  • Analyzing your organization’s readiness to begin or expand a program.
  • Locating potential funding opportunities.

Developing a clear plan for how you will support, deliver, evaluate, and sustain the program.
Schmidt Grant Consulting has extensive experience helping organizations design and implement high impact community projects in:

  • Post-secondary education
  • K-12 education
  • Youth services programs
  • Human service programs
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Juvenile justice initiatives
  • Marriage and relationship programs
  • Volunteer capacity building

Let us help your organization achieve your project design and grant funding goals!

​​Grant Writing 

Schmidt Grant Consulting's services include identification and analysis of grant opportunities, project design, budget development, evaluation model design and completion of federal grant forms when required. ​Our grant writing process also includes development and submission of letters of inquiry, and we assist organizations in identifying strategies for building relationships with foundations; thus increasing the likelihood of a successful grant application. Schmidt Grant Consulting gathers detailed information about our client's organization and programs, and conducts thorough research to strengthen each grant's impact and appeal. All proposals are written and tailored to best align with each individual funder’s focus and interests. 

Program Evaluation

Schmidt Grant Consulting offers experienced program evaluation on a limited basis for select organizations and projects.  Please call 517-879-8119 to discuss your evaluation needs.

Grant Editing and Review

For organizations that need assistance in submitting a grant written in-house, Schmidt Grant Consulting offers review and editing services. This service will assure that the grant application is complete, error free and has a professional look. Schmidt Grant Consulting will assure that your grant is properly supported by data and targeted to the specific foundation or funder. 


​​Long-Term Grant Writing Packages

Schmidt Grant Consulting offers long-term contractual grant writing packages. This service includes identification of funding opportunities, ongoing research, design of a fundable project and development of a series of highly competitive grant proposals.  Schmidt Grant Consulting works with organizations to build positive relationships with key foundations, and assists them in sustaining these relationships to increase the chances of continued funding.